Too Easy Web Series

This is a video of a youtube web series produced by Alex, a male student from Adelaide.. I first heard about “Too Easy” through my friend Maddie who acts in a couple of the episodes.

The 4:59 long episode – ‘Dirty Talk’ is constructed similar to a comedy series you would see on television. The dry humour is what I love most as well as its ability to play out melodramatic circumstances, in this case to venture into a dildo business.

One of my favourite techniques used in the clip is when the camera zooms in (quite roughly to then fixate on the character) to Alex’s face as he is being read ideas for their business venture, the close-up focuses on his facial expression, a blank stare remoniscent of him thinking that they aren’t very good ideas – adding humour to the piece because of this awkward circumstance.
There are 11 episodes to watch, i recommended watching them from start to finish – you will be left in tears from the humour!


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