What, No Beef?

Talk about a revolutionary move by the biggest fast food chain-store in the world!

I was informed through google alerts about several articles discussing McDonald’s new ordeal to open their first two vegetarian stores in India, 2013.

The huffington post article claims that this is an attempt of the fast food chain to ” increase its popularity in a country that has yet to fully embrace the franchise.” Also noting that vegetarian restaurants are popular in the country as there are a lot of vegetarians.

Do you think McDonald’s has done this to cater for more cultures and appeal to the health conscious population or is it an attempt for them to finally tap into a billion dollar economy unexploited by their franchise?

Huffington post article raises the argument that McDonald’s is building one of their new outlets near a hindu centre as a stab at the Hindu culture as they have always despised McDonalds’ slaughter of cows (a major contradiction to the religion’s belief of cows as a sacred creature). As one can see the franchise building their new store in India is much more controversial than once would initially think. Not just stirring the economy but also raising cultural disputes.

It could be assumed by many that this fast food chain would do anything to develop further into possibilities not yet reached by one of the leading companies in the world. They are seen to be ever developing.

This is a huge move by McDonald’s, having vegetarian options and restaurants is a totally new concept to their customers and the hamburger stain around the franchise. I believe this is going to change the public’s perception of what McDonald’s is and what it provides.

Following their introductions of healthier foods such as a garden salad, wraps and the McCafe with fresher products, the introduction of vegetarian options will push that wheel once more and they might start being perceived as less of a fatty fast food store but more of a revolutionary restaurant with options for every individual by people who can’t see through their underlying ruthless mind.







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