instaGrok comes out on top!

Learning about different websites and search engines available on the Internet has been surprisingly interesting! Although the search engine foundations of the sites Google, Duckduckgo and instaGrock are all similar the way they are presented and relative processes they take vary from site to site.

To test these similarities and differences I searched “the secret to a good mojito” on each site. The result I was after was sites with clear and concise tips presented in the most effective and “easy” layout.

The results from Google weren’t as informative or clearly indicated as the other two search engines. The familiarity I have with Google is the only reason I would use it over the others however if I cut the bias out of the task, it wasn’t as well presented as the others. One thing I did like was the dates of each publication after the subheading, giving the audience clear knowledge of how up to date the site was.  Additionally the results that came up were relevant and easy to navigate through just like the other sites.

instaGrok was probably the most suitable site in terms of giving me tips about a good mojito. Once I had searched the key words, a mind map of all other associated words came up on the left half of the page. These included “limes, rum, syrup, mint etc” as well as swapping to a journal to record my finds through a tab next to the graph tab. I loved this idea so I could search through the results on the right hand side and record my findings through a personalized journal style page that could be printed off once I was done researching.

You can see the mind map of results in the image below!

A good mojito!

Duckduckgo gave me a list of sites including my key words ordered neatly similar to Google. The feature that I liked most was to the left of each suggestions a logo of the website would appear for example the food network logo for their link, this made it easy to spot well recognizable sites to use.

Within this investigation I learned the key ingredients to a good mojito are as follows:

  • Lots of ice
  • FRESH mint
  • A whole lime cut into quaters, squeezed then thrown in
  • Soda water
  • Rum – as much as you like
  • Couple of teaspoons of sugar

Shaken, stirred or blended to your liking!

Overall I would order the search engines instagrok then google followed by duckduckgo. To make instagrok your default search engine in firefox for mac you click on the left hand arrow in the top right hand search tool bar, scroll down to “manage search engines” and a box will come up with the option “get more search engines”, once you have clicked on that type in and select it as your default search engine.


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