Top 5 Secrets to becoming a Silicon Valley Businesswoman!

For those who are unsure, Silicon Valley is the notorious industrial hub where the masterminds involved in computer and technological science cluster in an area approximately 32 kilometers long. Located in the Santa Clara Valley between Palo Alto and San Jose, Silicon Valley has an infinite underworld unheard of by many.

After watching a few documentaries within the Discovery channel’s series The Truth of the Internet in class I was determined to find out more to do with the mysterious Silicon Valley and what the industrial zone contains left unspoken and broadcasted to the public all over the world.

The women of Silicon Valley are said to be different, they present themselves as serious competitors in this overtly aggressive world surrounding them. Deborah Perry Piscoine, author of “Secrets in Silicon Valley” has written a tell-all book on the most innovative and success-driven community in the world. To be released in April 2013 she says, “The women of Silicon Valley are truly a force to be reckoned with. From the way they walk, talk and dress to the way they treat each other, the secrets we can learn from them are invaluable.”

Ask big. The stereotype of powerful women trying to play the game but always falling under the mark due to modest funding is put to shame in Silicon Valley where women present their ideas for funding as a double or nothing scenario as what they think they need. Perry Piscione says the secret of ‘the ask’ is a rare combination of Silicon Valley self-confidence and humility. “With all of the hubris that comes with excelling in Silicon Valley comes the humility to ask for exactly what you need.”

They don’t run for Homecoming Queen. “I wouldn’t say East Coast women are superficial, but authenticity is such a fundamental characteristic that entrepreneurs simply can’t succeed without it.” Perry Picoine mentions Silicon Valley’s unique authenticity comes from founder’s constant belief and passion for their business quests. Silicon Valley women know how to speak their mind and it is this quality that helps see them succeed.

They trade stilettos for sneakers. The women in Silicon Valley focus purely on business prospects and development rather than a combination of appropriate corporate attire and relevant work related information. In essence they ‘skip the bullshit’ and dive straight into the hardy information. “There’s no conversation about the right pantsuit or the must-have accessories between successful women in the Valley, which refreshingly puts the focus on ideas and innovation.” Quotes Perry Piscione. Business relationships are formed around hikes, bikes and jogs uncomparible to the norm of a cocktail at a bar. The impression comes through the brain rather than the look.

 They do not apologize – for anything. The women of Silicon Valley roll around in their successes, sorry or modesty is hardly used to describe any of the female powerhouses.“It’s the business mentality that makes them successful, and it’s something we can all learn from.” Perry Piscoine says of Accel female business partners Theresa Gouw Ranzetta And Sheryl Sandberg.

They’re all in it together. A town built on innovation attracts a sense of pride and creates a celebration of success that the community shares. Perry Piscoine says it is hard to compare to any other place. Silicon Valley and the people that bring it together is very unique.

So there you have it, in case you needed tips on how to become or act like a successful businesswoman like those in Silicon Valley, there you have it! Now all you need to do is become attached to a multi-million dollar company or think of an ingenious idea along the lines of Google and the world wide web. I think I have now put Silicon Valley on my top places to visit one day list!

Good luck and happy reading!


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