I have just set up four new widgets on my blog!

You will find them in the ‘about me’ section and you can get to this by finding the link at the top of this page next to ‘home’.

Widget 1: A search toolbar allowing readers to type in key words that are contained somewhere within the blog to find topics and tags easier than scrolling through the content as my posts grow!

Widget 2: A link to my twitter feed has been set up to let my readers see what my latest movements are on my twitter account! You also get the option to follow me down the bottom of this feed which will redirect you to the twitter site for you to sign in and confirm. Feel free to do so!

Widget 3: A couple of boxes from Facebook sites for you to like/ have a look at. Offspring is my favorite TV shows based locally in Melbourne; I encourage everyone to get updated via the shows’ Facebook site and beyond! Similarly Tigerlily swimwear (one of my favorite clothing brands) is also linked up to my blog, it was my first retail job and just love the clothing and company!

Widget 4: Displays my recent posts on the side bar. I believe it is a useful tool to assist with navigating easily around my blog rather than scrolling through the mass content.

Good luck exploring and I hope you enjoy the addition of widgets to my blog!


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