New Settings!

My new creative commons license enables the public to access information to let you know what I will allow you to do with my blog content. No funny business.

The license I have gone with is pretty flexible, allowing the public to take text and ideas off my page and at this stage of my career I think it would be a compliment if someone wanted to use my ideas and point of view for their work! (you can view the icon on my sidebar in ‘about me’ section).

I have recently updated my security settings where I approve all comments made on my blog before they are published. I feel this is a nicer way for me to be able to keep my blog friendly and away from any unwanted spam. WordPress already has an automatic spam filter for comments and has already reported one of my comments as spam. I will also review all spam comments and decide where to go from there.

In terms of categories, I have recently sorted my posts into whatever felt appropriate. The main categories I have grouped posts in are:

  1. Networked Media (One of my subjects at RMIT)
  2. Interests (To do with my RSS feeds and things I like to blog about)
  3. General (chit chat and updates)
  4. Internet (something I commonly talk about in my blog posts)

I hope it makes it as easy to navigate around my blog for you as it does for me!


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