What a Small World

It was on the fourth day of schoolies that something out of the ordinary happened to me. The Rottnest Island authorities had just banned all ferries from travelling to and from the island on this stormy day the island was supposed to be evacuated by a few thousand high school graduates. An extra day, how fun does that sound? To most people yes, but to an almost 20 year old stuck on the island it was not an ideal situation second day in a row. What was meant to be a day trip three days prior had turned into an unintended stay on what was now referred to as ‘jail rock’.

Work was luming the next day, no fresh clothing, lack of funds and failure to take proper care of myself saw four others and I rock up to the airport for a last minute flight to the main land. Four per plane meant we split into group of two and three. I was in the three at the front of the line when an anxious man about to miss his flight out of Perth due to this unexpected weather hazard joined us. His name was Michael and we got chatting in the Rottnest Island terminal that somewhat resembled an old shed with the capacity to seat about twenty people.

As it turns out Michael was flying back to Melbourne where he lives with his Dad. I had been living in Melbourne that year as well and told him I was staying at a Melbourne University College. He told me he went to university with two of my really good college friends at RMIT, he is studying PR and I am studying Media both going into our second year. The place we attend uni 4 days a week during the year is building 9 on the city campus and we had spent a whole year in that building without seeing each other once. How bizarre is it that the first time we were to meet would be on the other side of the country at a tiny island’s airport during schoolies 2013.


I will never forget the day that happened to us and we left with the hope we may bump into each other at university sometime next year. Well it just so happened that in the summer semester of 2013 we walked straight past each other in the courtyard next to a tree. Below is a photograph of the tree we spoke next to at university, if anyone spots this paper on the tree they can scan the barcode and read all about the significant story building up to a special meeting next to the tree!

photo (1)


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