How good are ‘apps’?

A new and exciting phenomenon in the digital world is the invention of ‘apps’ that can be downloaded and used on several media devices such as smart phones and tablets. Apps have been around for years however Gen Y has grown to depend heavily on them in recent years and their new ability to connect to the Internet has led to a large growth and increase in popularity.

An application on your smartphone (such as an iPhone) can be opened by clicking on it’s icon, the icon is usually the logo of the brand or company the application represents. Once open, it has been configured specifically to suit a smart phone and you can start using the application for whatever purpose very comfortably (and easily). Common apps found on your phone are calendar, calculator, settings, messages etc but by using the app store app on your phone or other device it will let you download your chosen apps onto your phone for additional use.

I am a big user of apps on my phone, they even take up most of my memory space. Below are my favourite apps I would recommend you to download and try:

  1. Facebook – This application is good for on the go use, lets you do everything you are able to do but in a way to suit the format and smaller screen of your phone. It is quicker and easier to use and see.
  2. Westpac (bank) – One of my most used applications to quickly check my balance on the go or instantly transfer money! So useful when you don’t have a computer near by and you are out shopping or forgot to pay someone back and you are stuck in traffic or on the tram.
  3. Snapchat – A very entertaining application where friends can send picture and more recently videos to one, two or all contacts who then receive and open the media file. The file is only shown for a certain amount of time inbetween 1 and 10 seconds so their can be some real entertainers flashed up on your screen!
  4. Instagram – Again to do with sharing photos but this time in a more artistic manner. You can upload photos to share with your followers, edit them slightly and receive likes if they find it interesting. Alternatively you can follow celebrities and friend’s profiles just like another social networking site.
  5. Fruit Ninja – Fruit ninja is rather addictive and an awesome game application! It has been around for a couple of years and is still on a lot of people’s top lists. Fruit are thrown into the air and can be sliced by swiping your finger over them (like you are the knife) a time limit is issued and the highest points determined by the amount of fruit + bonuses you receive is your top score.
Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 3.55.17 PM

This years current top rated apps according to

There are several pros and cons when it comes to ‘apps’ that I have listed just below, you can tell me what you think by leaving a comment on this post!

Pros of an app:

  • More focused material with a lot less cluster than a website
  • Easier to see and use on your mobile device
  • Faster. Downloading speed.
  • Can be used offline after purchase
  • Quick to access
  • More interactive

Cons of an app:

  • Cost. Depending on how many apps and how frequently you use them purchasing and using internet data can have a costly consequence on your phone bill
  • Can omiss important features that the regular site has e.g. photo upload, specific pages etc
  • Has to be downloaded – doesn’t have free access and takes up space
  • Expensive development cost

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