Listening to RRR’s Breakfasters program 12/03/2013

Our listening exercise for COMM2250 Radio subject this week was to listen to one of a few selected RRR (102.7FM) programs and I chose to tune in to the Breakfasters from 6am to 9am, Monday to Friday.

This program is packed full of music and morning chit chat by hosts Fee B-squared, Lorin Clarke and Stew Farrell. Like all breakfast programs the time slot ties into morning commuters able to tune in and get there entertainment kick for the day.

An important element of the Breakfasters is the morning news headlines. A regular feature on the program is reading off each section of the news

i.e. this morning the local headline was a train radio mishap in Melbourne’s Southern Cross station where two trains almost collided due to their communication stubbornness.

  • Weather: Melbourne is experiencing a 9 day heatwave above 30 degrees and today would be no different
  • Sport: lots of cricket drama including Shane Watson’s potential exit from the side followed by some cycling reports

Later on in the program the news is repeated and front page headlines from each local news paper are read – the most recurring headline was Shane Watson and his cricket departure.

On each hour they have RRR news which is read rather formally but my reasoning is morning commuters tuning in at different times would like an update on latest news and whats to come in the day ahead.

In terms of Music a lot of different genres are covered, mostly easy listening with new tracks from artists such as Jim James, Purity Ring and The XX.

Each episode there is a special guest to keep listeners excited for the show with various celebrities and specialists etc. Their special guest on Wednesday 13/03 will be Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.

Tune in to 102.7 FM each morning for your fix of entertainment, news, sport, weather and music!


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