Korsakow Sketch Task

Click here to view my finished project!

It is always a challenge to fully exploit the advantages and qualities of new software. The sketch film assessment required students to learn exciting skills to use on a new program called Korsakow and after many hours of playing around I finally grasped the basics used to generate an online sketch film!

Although challenging, this task had alot of frustrating moments which made the finish working product even more rewarding! We were required to use a minumum of 15 short 6-10 second film clips pre-recorded as part of the integrated media subject constrained tasks. This isn’t a new trick in the book, RMIT has done this to us before and I fall for it every time thus a real challenge to find links between originally unrelated film arises.

My archives consisted of close ups of flowers, visuals of riding bikes, clear skies, a family member brushing her teeth and many more strange situations. After playing around with different concepts to suit a korsakow story project I ended up linking the videos to represent “an afternoon in the life of Jessie Fear” – which consisted of riding my bicycle home from uni, taking in the fresh air, noticing small things along the way (i.e. fallen flowers on a path, moss in trees) and finishing up at home where the gas heater is on, general recreation occurs and my sister provides me with lots of entertainment!

I believe I made the best link I could with the videos and when showing the finish product to friends and piers the feedback was positive and they seemed to get great entertainment out of the sketch film! The videos were all filmed from an iPhone 4 via the Vine application and then uploaded to Vimeo from my camera roll, the videos are a good quality considering they were from a phone but if i had a better media device to film them on it would have probably been to my advantage (although it was handy filming things whilst I was out and about with easy access to my iPhone).

The background track playing throughout the site is named The Girl by Canadian artist City and Colour, the acoustic rock provides the clips with a mellow ambience to suit a self experienced journey that is being shown. Additionally, the track is very easy to listen to, which works in my favour as the clips that are playing remain the centre of attention rather than a distracting soundtrack to take away from the experience.

I changed the thumbnails to icons of:

  1. A sun – representing the outdoors
  2. A house – representing indoors
  3. A question mark – for objects and other miscellaneous shots

These icons were a nice touch to keep some sense of what was to come next without ruining the story as well as providing a bit of viewer interaction as they are to choose the path of their own unique story.

Knowing what I know now I would of tweaked a few things. The first would be to add a title and starting video so the story would start in a specific place and therefore potentially make a little more sense and a distinct beginning to the sequence of videos. Adding individual sound tracks to the clips is another thing i would of loved to experiment with, this could have introdcued an emotive aspect to the project adding to the overall outcome.

I do believe my first attempt at a Korsakow project has been successful and will take away alot of new skills from this assessment task!

I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Jessie x


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