Critique on Korsakow Sketch Task

My sketch task, recently uploaded onto the blog was recently assessed and discussed with piers and my tutor. Although overall a positive response, I did receive a lot of criticism that could definitely help my approach to the next Korsakow sketch film task due in a couple of weeks.

Something to really reconsider was my choice of music, the feedback highlighted the role of the track to not be as effective as I had hoped where it actually contributed rather negatively. It was suggested that raw sounds with occasional backing noise would have worked better and I think I would of paid closer attention to the audio if I had known it could really effect the piece to the extent it did. In my defense the device I recorded on was unable to pick up sound so that wasn’t even an option for me this time around.  The worst thing I neglected to even think about was the copyright issues of the soundtrack. I used artist City and Colour’s song The Girl which wasn’t royalty free like it was supposed to be. Luckily, this task isn’t going viral but I have learnt for next time to make sure I source music of royalty free sites like Jameo.

Something I would change would be the light blue background against the white text as this combination didn’t seem like to big of a hit. The white text is too small and hard to see and his resulted in viewers misreading text or missing the video. The light blue background wasn’t a nice scheme against the videos, although I did take a risk by trying to avoid the traditional and very popular black, white or dark backgrounds it proved that they are truly effective in most circumstances.

Something I did well was my exertion of a sense of place, that was the video’s familiarity with home throughout the project. This feedback was very stable by all sources and a massive positive outcome for the piece. Something to mention is feedback regarding the videos speaking for themselves. I had captioned most of them with a sentence and this kind of defeated the effectiveness of a natural relation between videos and overall progression of the story.

In saying this, the thumbnails didn’t work very well and I would definately chose the majority to have still images from the video to come instead of repetitive icons but again baring in mind I really played with options and this feedback is great to get!

The biggest thing I have to learn is the clever us of SNU’s with IN and OUT words. My project lacked repetitiveness and weren’t linked close enough together.

I will keep you updated with my next group project which is much bigger and hopefully more enjoyable!

Watch this space x


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