For anyone interested in trying Korsakow themselves!

If you are reading and wondering how to try to make a sketch film yourself then read this post where I will post a few links and tips up to get you started!

The video featured here is a great tutorial to get you started with this software. You may have to watch a few times as well as stopping and starting to really try to grasp the concept. Basically the Key Words are the most important (and personally difficult) to form your film.

  • Once you have opened the application make sure you drag the media you would like to use into the window.
  • SNU’s are referred to as the In’s and Out’s keywords that link the project together (as the smallest link for narrative)
  • To create a SNU for a media file double click the file that has already been dragged into the program and fill in the in and out keyword section.

To download the software click here and follow the prompts on the website!

Also click here to view a film called Quirk I found on the internet.

This film is pretty cool because it uses voice overs for each video (still segment) to tie the story together and make it interesting, I would be keen to try something like this in our final project!

Good luck and Enjoy! 🙂


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