Radio Debut on 102.7 FM

Last Monday the 20th my 4 team mates and I got to experience the nerves and excitement of broadcasting our own radio show for an hour on RRR FM. What really surprised me was the wave of stage freight that came over me as soon as I saw that flashing red light and it was my time to talk. An uncomfortable feeling in my gut arose and I could hardly scramble my sentences together as I tried to greet the audience for the day’s show. Just minutes before that I had been racing around in my car to collect CDs from my house and managed to make it back into the studio with just seconds remaining until we went live. I think my team mates were all just as worried as I was, I can’t imagine what it would of been like if I hadn’t made it back in the nick of time!

As the show progressed my presenting skills were more apparent and even some of my friends and family who listened said they could almost see me change from my blushing red face to my calm and cheeky self. Something to work on for next time is obviously going to be controlling those nerves and be relaxed from the start, I don’t think rushing back in at the last minute would of helped.

Overall the show went really well, the live interview with Eva Sless ran smoothly and we managed to keep the time deadline within a minute at all times. Our team worked together nicely and we all had eachother’s back no matter what.

Presenting is definitely something you have to get used to, so doing it more regularly would help refine your skills and relax the nerves. My co-presenter Tom was amazing! It came so naturally to him and I really felt comfortable with him at my side.

Tune in each Monday at 12pm to listen to the Room with a View students on Triple R (102.7 FM)!!

This is a picture of us in the studio



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