Korsakow Project!

This project has had me tossing and turning at night trying to think of ways to create an exciting and entertaining Korsakow film to do with the spiritual movement and household uses of water! Today I am going to the park to experiment by the lake, I have come up with a few dot points that might help me with what I am going to film and I have also done a little bit of cheeky research for ideas too! Today, there is not a cloud in the sky! so the lighting will be beautiful and bright, lets hope before next Thursday it rains so I can get a few shots of that!


  • Sun reflection on the water
  • Ripples forming from movement
  • Swirl water around
  • Splashing water
  • Spooning water out of lake


I will also just improvise while I am there in the hope inspiration hits me all of a sudden! Below are some interesting facts I found out about water and want to use them within our poject, will continue to find out more facts too!


  • Bottled water cost 5 times more than tap water
  • water is essential to life, without water there is no life
  • Over 1 Billion people search for hours to find water every day just to survive
  • Bottled water is a billion dollar industry
  • Over 6000 people die each day from water contamination (most under the age of 5)
  • There is enough water for everyone, finding it is the problem

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